The Unforgivable (B...
By Painting-with-light
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Alexander Kingston was only 22 when his father died in his arms. He blames Mia Franco, his father's secret girlfriend at the time. Two years after his father's death, Alex finally has the opportunity to fulfill his plan to take revenge. Mia has just attended an interview to be his personal secretary. She must obtain and keep this job to make ends meet because she is not a famous painter yet despite her talent. He will make Mia fall in love with him to destroy all of her dreams both at being loved and being a famous painter. Will Alexander's thirst for revenge be satiated in the end? Or will he fall in love with the person he hates the most? #36 in Chicklit! 07/12/17 Thank you everyone!!!!

One - A Coincidence

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The Unfor...
by Painting-with-light