Mr. Bad Boy Saw Me...
By sakkaira
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COMPLETED The existence of grammatical errors, misplaced words etc. is exorbitant as the majority of the book had been written when I was 13. Read at your own risk. - - - "He was standing there in all his glory while I was standing here in all my ...nakedness..." The sentence that you have just read could exactly describe the situation I am in. - - - Have you ever been put in a situation in which you can't speak, think or move? Well, I had. And it wasn't in front of anyone, but in front of the school's supposedly bad boy. Hooray me, am I right? I am one of those outsider girls, who doesn't like to associate with anyone, and, on top of that, a so-called teacher's pet, too. Although that didn't seem to stop the bad boy from taking an interest in me. Funnily enough, he wasn't the person to initiate a conversation by simply approaching me. That was in no way possible, of course. It's a lot more complicated than that... Well, actually it's not that complex... He saw me naked, that's the reason... - - - CLICHÉ STORY! Contains cursing and/or swearing. IN THE COURSE OF HEAVY EDITING THAT MAY OR MAY NOT CHANGE SOME OF THE PLOT. The book is a work of fiction. Nothing had really existed, happened or is really happening. #4 in Teen Fiction : January 18 2016 Mr. Bad Boy Saw Me Naked. Copyright © 2015. All Rights Reserved to Aira Sakae.

Mr. Bad Boy Saw Me Naked

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Mr. Bad B...
by sakkaira