Captured [The Patri...
By HollyTheEurasianGrrl
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Blythe Avery was just another senior, a top 5% graduate, and history lover two weeks shy of graduation. With her mom rarely ever being around and working at a diner with a petty boss who would do anything to get on her, she is ready to move on with her life. Until one day, when her car won't start, and it's impossible for her to arrive to work in the midst of a brewing lightning storm, she is struck unconscious. Blythe soon finds herself in the revolutionary era, suddenly under arrest by Green Dragoon commander Colonel William Tavington, where her feelings are put on the brink of the battlefield, and is appalled and disgusted by his many atrocities and unnecessary cruelty amongst innocent people. Though she fears the possibility of losing her life to him, and is unsure of what may come within the short period, she feels deep within nobody is born a villain and tries to see between the thin lines of his many ins and outs inflicted upon her. Though she hadn't known him well too long, her feelings begin to grow, igniting a forbidden spark that changes everything... Will she elope? Will she succumb to her fate at the hands of the Butcher? Or will she allow love to conquer all? {Heads Up: Story will be divided into three parts}

Chapter 1: Lightning Strikes

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by HollyTheEurasianGrrl