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Kruno Inuzuka. A name that belonged to a smiling girl, who loved everyone and everything around her, and would give up anything for anyone. A girl who loved a boy very much, and thought he loved her as well. But now that name belongs to a girl with stone cold eyes, a rare smile, a broken heart, and an S-Rank Criminal. A girl who laughs when people beg her for their lives. A girl who has forgotten what it is like to love. A boy named Shikamaru Nara is the reason she is who she is. He took her heart, and crushed it before her eyes. He took the light from her shining orbs, but didn't mean for that to happen. In fact, it wasn't even him who did. Will he ever be able to fix what he did, and bring the girl he loves back to Konoha? Or has he lost her forever? WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS FROM THE FIRST BOOK

Just A Normal Day In Paradise

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Konohas T...
by tweNtyonEpiLots6