Finding Love throug...
By melissalynn88
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I remember everything. I remember being at the beach, being so happy in that moment that nothing else mattered, playing football, driving back home and laughing with Jake. My one and only brother. My best friend who was always there for me. The one boy in my life who would never ever let me down, had never let me down. Ever. I also watched my brother die that day. The whole accident plays in my mind like a movie on repeat. The last words my brother said to me. The look in his eyes as he clung onto me. The way he held me while the car rolled of a total of eight times or so I was told. The way my brother saved my life. He died protecting me from what was meant to be my death not his. There is two guys willing to help me get back to my old self, willing to make me happy with whatever it takes them to do, both of these guys are Jake's best mates, and a tiny problem is that one of them is my english teacher and I'm crazy about him. The other problem.. I don't deserve to be happy.


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Finding L...
by melissalynn88