Legendary Volume 1...
By AiMajor
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An Action-Adventure tale of one's true destiny and how we are put on this world for a reason, a reason that we must do our best to accomplish. Young & Old Fans of Martial Arts, Supernatural, Science Fiction, and Fantasy Mangas/Animes will be intrigued by this series. (This volume is currently undergoing a rewrite. Chapters 1-10 are currently completed. Every chapter afterward is considered non canon. Vol. I: It is the year, 2096. In four years time it will be the end of an eon and in order to help protect Earth and the entire galaxy from an intergalactic invasion, 4 masters go on a journey to gather a select group of individuals to become their disciples who will no doubt combat this oncoming threat. A lot can happen in four years, especially with a group of entirely different young adults, each with unique back stories and amazing abilities. This is their story...this is how they became Legendary.

Legendary Volume 1 - Enter Mesto Mecha

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by AiMajor