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"Come with me. We can start a new life, together. You wouldn't even need to live within this crappy old house." There is a sudden pang within my insides which made my blood boil in an unexpected rate. "I need to find them no matter what." "Am I not enough?" I was startled just after I heard those words that came out of his mouth. He never failed my expectations, and now I had proven that he had fallen for my trap. "You are nowhere near enough. Wait, I am mistaken. You are just nothing." And with that I strutted away from this monstrous human being whom I seek as my brightest star before. -- I am Autumn Franklin and I am one of those girls that oftenly wishes upon a star, or wait for the clock to strike at 11:11, so I could close my eyes and chant my wishes again and again even if I am aware that no one's listening. Out of the blue, the heavens sent me this guy who's name was as weird as he is, Asher Xinileous. Describing him with the word 'simple' is an understatement, for he wasn't dropped down by the celestials from the vast skies. That is because he escaped from this place he likes to describe as the 'Shitty Showbiz Industry' and he's one of those weird people who kisses a tile in the floor. Basically that same tile with a huge star, and his name scribbled in it. Published @ 03/16/20


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