It Started With A K...
By 671Phoenix
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It's official. I'm a High School graduate and a soon to be College Student! Finally going to get out of my parents house and off on my own. Well.. They wouldn't let me get my own apartment or live in the dorms until my Sophomore year. They assume it will make me go wild and crazy. Talk about trust.. So we made a compromise. I would move in with my older brother and his roommate. At least until my Sophomore year. Did I mention his roommate is my brother's best friend and that I used to have a major crush on him growing up? They attend the college across from mine. Surely I could survive a year living with my brother and his roommate. Even if his roommate is an Adonis and constantly flirting with me. Follow me as I embark on a journey of finding myself, friendships, heated encounters, secret relationships, and so much more.

Don't Even Think About It

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It Starte...
by 671Phoenix