Left for Dead (book...
By werecoyote9653
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So this is a story I wrote about a girl named Nova. She lives in a world where everyone has a supernatural power. Nova is 13, and if a person's power doesn't show by the time they're 14, they're given to the Government to either be tested or killed. The Government basically makes all the decisions for the whole country. So, Nova's 13, and she still hasn't discovered her powers. When her birthday comes, she still has no power. She can either be sent to the Government, for either testing or death, or she can risk her life running away. I created this story, I created these characters, the characters and the plot are mine. This story is written in first person (using I, we, us, etc.) Also, this is going to be my story for the #justwriteit challenge Also, the idea for this story was given to me by one of my best friends, @minewtlover14


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Left for...
by werecoyote9653