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Sneak peek ;) He started to place his hands underneath my nightgown, which made me finaly realized what he is goanna do. ''..please stop…'' I sobbed softly and pull up my knees together going further from him.He pulls away from the bed and stared at me hungrily for what felt like forever. '' I have every rights to have you,'' he stated coldly looking at me '' Ridchard, Please don't do this..'' I told in my soft voice sobbing in the process, I have a really soft voice and low as well, shaking my head No, I thought he would understand. '' I said I have every right to have you Penalope'' He told to stare at me crawling back on the bed, I shrunk back as far as I could into the bed. I didn’t want this, not like this He trails his hands on my legs and drags them down which made him being on top of me He locked his hands both sides of me… and pins me in the middle. He glares at me for awhile while his right hand went back underneath my dress. '' No... No... No.. No.... NO,..Ridchard No Ples… P-lease , pleassee.. I Beg O-F You.. Ridchard … pLEASE stop t-this” I Cried softly and sniffed desperately. By sobbing in the middle. I can feel his hands rubbing my body inside of my dress “I don’t want to stop Penalope and stop trying, you know well you can’t make me to stop, Just give up'' Ridchard told sternly glaring at me. '' Please…please.. Ridchard.. Don’t do this to me, I’ve never done this before..''' told softly crying shaking my head No at the same time I was about to protest again, But he pulled me roughly down more . He ripped my dress of me, and cage me by his left hand pinning both of my hands on top,

Penalope : Another Wolf T@le

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Glee Club...
by lunnamoonlit