Lost One {Diabolik...
By GotNutime4CHU
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My name is Koca Yasami. I'm a daughter of a aristocrat family. My family loves to torture kids from an orphanage but soon they were killed in a middle of a war. I was then put in the same orphanage as the kids we tortured but sometimes killed. I was then mistreated and worked to the bone. But I wasn't the only orphan that was also from a former aristocrat. I lived most my life there, but because I was from a aristocrat family, I had been brung to other aristocrat families and also tortured. Now I knew how it felt, but I still had hope. I met a few other kids but we were almost killed and our leader also. I was in the edge of death with them also, but then he appeared and gave me a different life with my new family and brothers. But I was different. We were all. We lived as something else. We lived as Vampires.

Lost One

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Lost One...
by GotNutime4CHU