Hades (Hades Series...
By _caitlinemma
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Evie Autumn, like almost every other nineteen year old was just your average, unimportant, everyday girl. She attended university, she had that one quirk that everyone thinks is weird (an obsession with Greek mythology, in case you were wondering) and she had to stop herself from repeatedly smacking her best friend daily for his naycare, partying ways. Basically, her life couldn't be anymore normal if she tried. But then her normal world is shattered when that same best friend is killed right before her very eyes, and a mysterious stranger approaches her and introduces himself as Hades, God of the Underworld. Hades offers Evie a deal; he'll let her best friend live if she agrees to return with him to the Underworld as his very own modern-day Persephone. Suddenly Evie's thrust into a world where gods are real and life after death is all too possible; and to top it all off, she makes a deal to live with the devil for six months in exchange for her best friend's life. Life couldn't get any less normal, right? [Ranked #28 in Teen Fiction on 20.05.16] [Hit 1 million on 18.10.17]


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Hades (Ha...
by _caitlinemma