The Rogue Guardian
By 18gooda
  • Fantasy
  • assassin
  • fantasy
  • guardian
  • princess
  • revolution
  • royal
  • thief


SEQUEL TO THE ROYAL THIEF cover by @Iukeh3mmings Jaden has disappeared, leaving only an enigmatic note to guide Morane. The instructions: Go to Port Maenar, the birthplace of the revolution, to find his "friend"-- a man famous in seven countries for killing without mercy. Here, in a city riddled with tunnels, spies, and thieves' dens, she will come face to face with Wes, Jaden's one-time student. Here she will once again question her loyalties, choose her allies, and dare to fight as she uncovers the truth behind the rebels's prophecy. But she cannot outrun the secrets. The rebels, the ambassador, the Sage, even Luca are looking for her-- but one of them has betrayed her. Who can she trust in a city of liars? As the Guardian Cycle continues, only one thing is certain: nothing is as it seems.

Sequel to The Royal Thief

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The Rogue...
by 18gooda