The Angel Hunter
By Elvira
  • Fantasy
  • aaron
  • angelhunter
  • angels
  • demons
  • hunting
  • tamara
  • war


Back from vacation, Aaron is back in Hell. He is back to his job of hunting angels. The war between Heaven and Hell has slowly grown in size since Aaron was away and now he has to work even harder but then he does the unthinkable, and the devil bans him from Hell. Now Aaron has 336 hours to make it up to the devil or he is demon meat. Tamara has just witnessed the most horrific thing in her life. A man ruthlessly slaughtering angels. Angels shouldn't be killed so easliy. Curious about the man who did this, Tamara searches for him. Soon, she is drawn into his world of carnage and blood and can't leave. (Just a side note if you see 'Jade' instead of 'Tamara' I mean Tamara. I'm getting the story charecters mixed up a little. lol oops)

The Angel Hunter - Prologue

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The Angel...
by Elvira