Agent Iowa: The Sil...
By EternalNebula66
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After Alison/Tex died, before Project Freelancer was started, the Director/ Leonard Church was depressed. After awhile the Director was tired of being depressed, so he adopted a baby girl. Her name was Echo. He took care of her and loved her. He even trained her. When he started the Project the Director would let Echo play with Alpha. By the age of 14 Echo was implanted with Beta. It is unknown how they got the fragment Beta before getting the Sarcophagus. And it will always remain unknown. Now that Echo is age 19 she will join the Freelancers in battle. She only wants to make her father proud. Once they retrieve the Sarcophagus Echo is implanted with another A.I., Chi. Can she handle two A.I.s and can she survive being a Freelancer? (Longest summary ever for myself XD)

Agent Iowa & Beta & Chi

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Agent Iow...
by EternalNebula66