In The Heat Of Batt...
By DragonFireTrinity
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i don"t care if solangelo and caleo went cannon. i will never give up on my ship. Meet Nico DiAngelo, the strangest guy you will ever have the pleasure of encountering. Nico is the "Emo" the 'Outcast' and the "Freak". Tragedy riddles his past, present, and future! The sassy demented kid who always has a fire arm. Walls fifty meters high and twenty thick. Who knows, maybe there's a secret door? Anyway... Introducing... Leo Valdez, The Bad Boy Supreme, Supersized Mcshizzle, Hot Stuff and king of Half Blood High. Well, one of the three. This player is one of, if not most, dangerous people to your social rep. And, who doesn't love a secret past? This young man is who you bow and praise, while worshiping the very ground he walks on. Leo has a talent for getting people to open up. Finding secret openings maybe? What will happen when these two world collide. Will Leos past be revealed? Will Nicos walls he torn apart, brick by brick? Read to find out more!


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In The He...
by DragonFireTrinity