Return Of The Lost...
By tweNtyonEpiLots6
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Kemino was born to the beautiful princess Kemi Mano, and the copy cat ninja Kakashi Hatake. She was born into her mother side of the family, and her father stayed around for nearly a year. But soon after that, he was called back to the village hidden in the leaves, and had to leave his beautiful girlfriend, and most precious daughter. Six months after he left, the Mano clan was attack, and they were all killed. All, except for Kemino. She grew up without her mother, and without her father. The person who raised her was an elderly woman in the village hidden in the sound. Kakashi Hatake never went a day without thinking about his daughter, and where she could possibly be. He would sit up on the roof of his house, his Ich Ich Paradise book in hand, and look up at the stars, making a promise that he would find Kemino, and he would make everything right again. With both of them being in Konoha now, and Kemino entering academy to become a ninja, could they possibly be reunited?

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Return Of...
by tweNtyonEpiLots6