The Lies We Tell (L...
By IntellectualLoner
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Just when you're life is going great you're faced with challenges that are hard for anyone to handle. For 16 year old Kameron her world was turned upside down when her mother was suddenly killed in a car accident due to a drunk driver. Now that her mom is gone she must pack up and live with her older sister Kerry, who is 32 and her husband Lance who is 36. Lance has a 17 year old daughter from a previous relationship. Kameron doesn't get along with her sister and to make matters worse she is homophobic. Kameron does everything in her power to keep her secret just that, a secret. Her mother understood and loved her for who she is, but her sister would not and Kameron knew it. Will things work out for the better or will Kameron's life continue to fall apart?

Chapter 1: June 1st 2015

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The Lies...
by IntellectualLoner