My Beautiful Fairyt...
By grant-is-shook
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"I passed the group, hoping to get by quickly and non-incidentally...but a particularly handsome guy caught my eye. He had beautiful platinum blonde hair, shaved at the sides, and peircing blue, almost teal, eyes. He was taller than me by about two or three inches and was somewhat lanky, but he had muscular arms. From here I could see a pierced ear with plain silver studs in it. He wore a simple white tank top and jeans with sneakers. I admit it, he was hot. Our eyes met for a millisecond and I bit my lip. I realized I'd attratced a lot of the group's attention and dropped my head down. I could feel his piercing stare on my back as I left."

[1]: The beginning

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My Beauti...
by grant-is-shook