Cold - Z.M (Book 1...
By violentxlines
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THE MATERIAL IN THIS BOOK IS INAPPROPRIATE FOR READERS UNDER THE AGE OF 16. THIS WRITING IS STRICTLY MEANT FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. USES OF LANGUAGE AND SEXUAL REFERENCES ARE USED PLEASE DO NOT BE DISTURBED. THIS IS A WARNING... * Fifty shades of grey readers will find the similarities between my book and the book itself, but I can assure you that nothing has been copied from the book nor will share the same EVENTS or ACTIVITIES. But like I said before, it will be similar. Any messages about copy right infringement will be ignored and deleted since it has already been stated in this paragraph. Thank you. Oh and saying I have lack of originality, don't bother telling me. Please enjoy:) x

Cold- Prologue

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Cold - Z...
by violentxlines