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By Dauphinachancia
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"You look awfully familiar," he whispered in my ear, "if only you would take off the mask. " he said, but still keeping his moves together. I don't know how I ended up dancing with him. One minute, he was asked to choose a lady to dance with, and immediately, I was in his arms. The arms of my one true love... So cliché, I know... ++++++++++++ Oliveria left Jake heartbroken the night of graduation. He promised to find her, and to never let her go again. When her, and best friends Vivian and Aria move to New York City to finish up their terms, they receive a letter from someone to a Masquerade ball, a Govenci one too. Either it was divine intervention, or just luck, but her friends weren't going to let her pass this one out. Will one dance, back in California change her life goals, or will it bring her closer to her Italian Adonis? Follow Oliveira and Jacob once again, through a dance of memories, several fights, one heck of a break and one monster of a mother... Oh, and did I mention she ends up working for him? No? Well, now I did.... ____________ Welcome! COMMENT VOTE FOLLOW SHARE Most importantly: ENJOY!!!


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by Dauphinachancia