Bad Boy's Broken Ci...
By CeciliaPeven
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Jessie comes from a past that still haunts her, and makes it hard to form new relationships. Cameron is the bad boy who thinks he's managed to play every girl, until he found her. Will she be able to tame him, or will he break her already fractured heart beyond repair? Kaylee is Jessie's happy, easy going best friend, who is in love with her troubled boyfriend. Shaun can't help but be enticed by Kaylee and becomes her protector. But he has a past he can't share and is forced to grow up fast and brutally. Is it good girl falls for the bad boy, or the other way around? You'll only find out if you read. <3 BONUS: Check out the sequel on Johnny and Savannah. It's called Welcome to the States, Good Girl. You guys will like it I think ;)

When bad boys target good girls

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Bad Boy's...
by CeciliaPeven