This Crazy Thing Ca...
By kelly_1231
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First love. Nobody can ever forget their first, but for Izzy there's nothing to forget since she's never had a boyfriend before much less a first kiss. But that all changes when she meets the school's so-called "bad-boy", Nolan Harris... On the night Izzy leaves a friend's party, she accidentally hits Nolan with her car, sending him to the hospital. Feeling as though she should be owing him, Izzy does everything she can to make it up him. However, he could care less about the accident and just wants Izzy off his back. But the more Izzy persists, the more they are forced to actually talk to one another, and eventually one thing leads to the next... Izzy is about to experience this crazy thing called love for the first time ever but it won't come without some awkward, embarrassing, and humorous moments along the way.

1:That One Friend That Constantly Changes Their Relationship Status.

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This Craz...
by kelly_1231