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Rk and madhubala both from different family backgrounds,one who was loved and pampered from childhood and had all the support from family during problems till he came to senses and after that too and other who have seen sorrows all her life till she meets shamsher malik and his wife laxmi who help to get her out of her pain and safely take her away to mumbai..... Madhubala has always been a different girl having world of her own and keeping all her sorrows to herself to not let anyone get worried because of her. However life has something elsein store for her..she comes to mumbai to start a new chapter of her life. There she meets rishabh kundra who sweeps her off her feet literally... Rk is a rich brat and only son of rich business tycoon mohan kundra and has a secret identity unknown to the world except his parents..he has a charm that draws madhu towards him and makes her feel connected to him..they both have a past that no one know of... However in time they get closer to each other and fall passionately in love with each other unknown of the difficulties and obstacles coming their way. The story unfolds the secrets and sorrows of their life and how they manage the attraction and love blooming between themselves along with dealing with their problems alone and together..... 22 in #Madhubala On 18th May 2018 18 In #Madhubala


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by introverted_love