Confessions of An E...
By xowritergirl14xo
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Abby's told her story and is well on her way to a happily-ever-after with the love of her life, Kyle. But what about Carter? An awkwardly artsy guy who gets to witness the love Abby and Kyle have for each other, knowing he will never, ever find something so special. Carter's the new groundbreaking artist of his time, with a quirky attitude and a knack for sarcasm. He spends his days in his art studio, creating new masterpieces. But he spends most of his nights alone or with his best friend. Carter's tried at love, but it seems that the continuous single status he holds will never go away. Until he meets Kelly. An old friend from Abby's bookstore past, Kelly is boisterous, athletic, bubbly, over-the-top, and a sweetheart. Carter is instantly attracted to the blue eyed beauty and spends his time trying to win the heart of Abby's friend, who seems as uninterested in Carter as every other girl. Until one night that changes it all. This is Carter's story, the Confessions of An Ex-Stripper's Best Friend. **working description**

Confessions of An Ex-Stripper's Best Friend

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by xowritergirl14xo