You are such a drag...
By tweNtyonEpiLots6
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Kruno Inuzuka was kidnapped when she was six years old from her home in the hidden leaf village. Now, six years later, she has returned to find her brother Kiba, and her two best friends, Shikamaru and Sasuke. When she first comes back, she believes that everything will be okay. She has to believe that. She would go insane without knowing that it will be okay. As time goes on, Kruno and Shikamaru begin to grow closer together like they were when they were children. But, the closer they grow, the more the feelings spark from Kruno. Will her and Shikamaru fall in love, and become something amazing? Or will they crumble at the cracks, and fall apart forever? /// Reached 1k reads on 6-23-15 COPYRIGHT FOR MY OC'S cc: the_NYX

An Inuzuka Returns!

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You are s...
by tweNtyonEpiLots6