By LesaBoutin
  • Teen Fiction
  • boy-next-door
  • choices
  • heart-ache
  • love-triangle
  • secrets
  • teen-marriage
  • ya-romance


It's the 70s, The Me Decade, and over-privileged Raynor Davison is all about the me in that phrase. And why not? Guys want to be him and girls wait in line just to do his homework. From elementary on, Raynor's used that innate charm and good looks to keep his embarrassing secret hidden-he reads on a Dick and Jane level. Unfortunately, it's his irresistible appeal and golden-boy status that galls Holly, the girl assigned to be his tutor. Holly Galloway has no time for boys. The tutoring job is a means to an end. But when she learns Raynor can't read, she almost falls for the charismatic smooth-talker. Holly has plans, though, and they don't include being the object of a love triangle involving Raynor and the boy across the street. So Holly makes another choice, one that leaves her alone and ashamed at a time in history not so kind to vulnerable young women. Raynor never intended to fall for the girl from the wrong side of the tracks, and he certainly never expected her to shoot him down. But when Holly gets into trouble, no one is more surprised than he is when he sacrifices his reputation to save Holly from the gossips of their judgmental hometown.

1. Raynor

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by LesaBoutin