Vs Model Undercover...
By AskLinda
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Update: currently as someone who is outspoken or human rights and lgbtq rights and etc I've been shocked and upset from what the VS has said although I should of know considering they burn their clothes instead of donate to women shelters or homeless shelters from fear of how it makes their brand look. Straight to the point I don't agree with them I wrote this as a child while I had an eating disorder and was doing this for fun . I've i ever have time I will edit this and make the story line better . Currently I do have And editor fixing grammar mistakes but I will fix story mistakes in the future. Was a 47 chapter book but took them down until fully edits are done Something I wrote as a child please don't take it too seriously was written poorly and honestly not my best work. At the time I wrote this my eating disorder was starting and I had the worst image on weight so I really related to skyler on her struggles but I just want to make sure you understand that weight or a number on a scale so t make you happy it's how you love yourself and others that bring joy im not say wanting to lose weight is bad just don't make it your biggest goal in life and don't make the mistake I made and write a story like this in 2018.

Chapter 1 ⭐️

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Vs Model...
by AskLinda