The Seven Sleepers...
By mchawkinsauthor
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Ward has no idea why the Brotherhood want him dead. Knowing he will soon join the tarred corpses by the riverside, he falls in with the only person who can protect him: master criminal Saint Nick. Nick's empire of subways and sewers stretches from Parliament to the Wharflands. He has been obsessed with overthrowing the Brotherhood ever since they executed his parents; to this end he sets Ward the task of finding the fabled horn said to have the power to wake the Seven Sleepers. Problem is, nobody has seen the horn in centuries. Nor does anyone seem to know what the Sleepers are. The Brotherhood claim they're demons set to guard an ancient monster beneath the city. Nick, who has met the monster itself, has a different tale. FOR READERS WHO LIKED Bartimaeus - Jonathan Stroud Fly By Night - Frances Hardinge His Dark Materials - Philip Pullman Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell - Susanna Clarke Cover by @witchoria

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The Seven...
by mchawkinsauthor