Mia, Mine #sytycw15...
By hannahonana
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**PREVIOUSLY TITLED MINIERA** THIS BOOK IS BEING EDITED HERE AND THERE. THIS WAS COMPLETED AROUND 3 YEARS AGO. Xo **THIS IS THE FIRST BOOK IN A STAND-ALONE SERIES. YOU CAN READ ALL THESE BOOKS ALONE, BUT IT IS RECOMMENDED TO READ IN ORDER TO GET THE MOST ENJOYMENT FROM THE SERIES** Natalie Brown's life has been far from ideal or perfect. For as long as she could remember, life has revolved completely around taking care of her alcoholic and drug addicted mother. Just as Natalie finally decides to let loose and go to Italy with her best friend-her mother makes a deal with someone very dangerous. Giovanni Amaro. He is hard. Cold. Ruthless...but, also he is plagued with a past that haunts him with every breath. Now, in the present, a mafia boss that needs a wife and an heir. He got Natalie and she was not what he expected in the least and as he begins to care for her, he begins to worry. He has enemies...bad ones and they will use Natalie to get to him. But, then again, some enemies are closer to home than you think. Natalie's mother made a deal...and now Natalie will pay the price. ***************** "I am not just someone to be bought and sold off!" Natalie shouted with outrage. Giovanni chuckled darkly and took a step forward so their bodies were intimately touching. He wrapped a hand around her throat, softly, possessively. "Ever since I first laid eyes on you, you've been mine. You hear that, mi amour? Mia..." Mine' ...


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Mia, Mine...
by hannahonana