Will It Get better
By YungWrites
  • Romance
  • abuse
  • death
  • drama
  • drugs
  • hate
  • hood
  • hurt
  • lies
  • love
  • thug
  • urban


jayliah is a 16 year old girl who lives with her mom, step dad and 3year old sister. jayliah's life is like living hell. she is constantly being miss treated by her stepdad and her mom doesn't do anything in fear of him. her mom always try her best to take care of her daughters and make sure their okay but it gets hard sometimes being that every little thing she does, the step dad has a problem with it. through all the wrong that happens behind close doors, jayliah and her family still acts like everything is okay. jayliah still wears a smile on her face around people, so no one will ever suspect what she goes through. a person can only take so much, will jayliah ever get away from the situation or is she stuck like this forever.

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Will It G...
by YungWrites