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By maaryxwin
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[BOOK I COMPLETED] I'm Sam Matthews, 16-years-old as of now. Well my shitty story is that I am a girl, not a guy. In this fucked up world every human soul mistakes my name as "boy-like." Which REALLY doesn't make any sense. Maybe it's just me, though... I'm not girly, I hate acting and behaving like one, or dressing like one. I am apart of the Matthews family, one of the richest and successful families out there (not really.) I am the youngest of this trash of a family, or known as the disappointment or the mistake. I have two older, prettier (I guess), and much more successful sisters. They make me look bad in front of almost everyone. I don't ever get spoiled, just because I'm rich doesn't mean I get treated right from anyone in this household. Yeah I got no talents or skills and hardly any smarts, but hey I'm still me. Does that count? My parents are the worst, they wanted a boy so they went for a "boy-like" name. They treat me like shit, they looked past me, beat me, and never bothered to get to know me. They basically made me into the person I am today. A cold-hearted bitch, with surprises up her sleeve. I got a cool-ass butler, the only person I saw as family. He's the best. The past years were the worst, what happened to me is something I can't forget. Not until I do something about it... But the fun doesn't end there! I'm going to a new school. Due to recent circumstances, this all boys school just accepted me! Haha, PERFECT. They literally thought I was a guy, so they accepted me. Then my dumbass parents were like, "Oh yeah Sam's a girl." This is the last school that accepted me, they offered a HUGE paycheck to let me in (the only somewhat nice thing they did for me for the first time.) They even bought out the name... Another HELL I was SO looking forward to. • • • | Mature Content : Foul Language |

All Boys School

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One Girl...
by maaryxwin