Set Me Free [comple...
By elsetterby
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A Wattpad Featured Read -- also featured in Cosmo! Where to buy the expanded & professionally edited version: Ebook or paperback: Audiobook: * * * * * Miranda Lewis is desperate to get away from her controlling ex--so desperate she leaves him in the middle of the night. She ends up on a remote island off the Maine coast, where she befriends a bubbly shopkeeper, Claire, and becomes fascinated by Claire's son, big, brooding Owen Larsen, a woodworker who keeps to himself. Even the friendliest locals here are secretive--and Owen is at the center of their secrets. Still, Miranda loves the salt air, the craggy coastline, and, most of all, the work of the island's beloved local painter, Suzanna White. Miranda wants to stay--to claim a life of her own, to paint again. But the longer she stays, the more her fascination with Owen increases. Why is there a painting of his stern, handsome face in the art gallery by the beach? And why is everyone so afraid of him? If you enjoy this story, please do let me know with a vote or a comment. I would love to hear from you! <3

Chapter One

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Set Me Fr...
by elsetterby