The Demon In My Sle...
By toxicblaze
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In a big black truck.....LJ as the driver and me in shotgun. A new life had started, and it felt as if the world was in my hands. Proxy hunters were now after me, masky and hoodie. Ben was as overprotective as he would ever be. The mystery to what happened to toby's grave was still uncounted for, and i didn't think we would be off to figure it out any time soon. On our way to the apartment where we would supposedly be safe. I was afraid for the other pastas at splendors. But i held my head high. Slenderman would want me to be a good leader, and it was my duty to see that i make him proud. But what i didn't we drove through the night.....was who was hiding in the trunk.....and what they were planning...(SEQUEL TO THE MONSTER INSIDE ME A BEN DROWNED X READER FANFIC!!! if you have not read the first one this book will make no sense) (i do not own any images used) (I do not own alice In wonderland or the characters, I do not own peter pan, and I do not own any of the other characters from books mentioned in this one.) (I Do own milligan, knifes, and Glorian, as I also own some of the other characters)

chapter 1, the long car ride

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The Demon...
by toxicblaze