The wolf and the we...
By Sliverwillow
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Sage Runes was your average 17 year old boy, except for the fact that he's a werewolf and the 3rd son of the Alpha and Luna. Sage isn't a dominant werewolf to say the lest, but he will fight if he has to. Black Anderson is your average looking 19 year old boy, except he's really a 300 year old werewolf prince looking for his other half of his soul so that he doesn't turn into a murdering werewolf and have to be hunted down by his friends and family. On Sage's 18 birthday Black feels the pull to Sage and basically kidnaps Sage and takes him back to his home were he plans on making the cute little werewolf his. These characters all mine so please don't take them, this story is also mine and this my first time writing a story for something other than my English class so please give me feedback and let me know what you think. This is guy on guy story so if you don't like that stuff son't read it and this story will include male pregnancy.

Meeting Sage

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The wolf...
by Sliverwillow