By ZombieCrap
  • Fantasy
  • amnesia
  • curse
  • dark
  • fantasy
  • fate
  • magic
  • merfolk
  • merman
  • mystery
  • romance
  • slowpaced
  • stalker
  • underwater


"It was a starry night. I blinked away the moist blur in my eyes and marveled at the beauty that stretched before me. A small country town away from the noise and hassle of my previous life, a new beginning. Is what I hoped for. But I was far from it, I realized." Chloe Campbell, a twenty one years old arts student, had a very rough childhood and if it weren't for her mother, she might have lost her will to live. She had supported her throughout her struggles, giving her the strength and motivation to move on. But her sudden death took everyone by surprise. Chloe in particular. It had shattered her. Left with the responsibility to care for her alcoholic father, nobody noticed that with each passing day she was drowning further into the darkness. Suffocated and helpless. Until her Aunt Diana decided to step in and take her under her wing. Now, Chloe lives with her Aunt at a country farmhouse, working her way towards the so-called fresh beginning. But what Chloe didn't expect was a fateful encounter with an ethereal being on her first day there. The flicker of melancholy in his eyes hinted towards a dark past and darker secrets. And Chloe felt an enigmatic attraction towards him. She wanted to know more about him, even if it meant getting entangled in a centuries old curse that he believes only she can break. This is a love story of two very different people and how they overcome various obstacles to have their happily ever after.


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by ZombieCrap