Never Let Go |COMPL...
By foxybabee
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Eren Jaeger was born with a rare disease that immobilizes him and keeps him in a wheelchair most of his life. He has never had love nor has he wanted it due to his condition. The doctors are not sure if it can be cured and he's convinced that no one would love a disabled person. All of that changes when he meets Levi Ackerman, a physical therapist his doctor assigned to him in hopes that it would somehow aid his recuperation. They start out on a rough patch but soon become very close. Maybe too close. Eren starts to feel something he's never felt before and that scares him, but then again it makes him feel very happy. Will Eren be able to figure out what this feeling is? Will Levi be able to return those feelings? (A/N: Just forewarning you that this book is unedited so if it doesn't make sense or has a lot of grammatical errors I apologize.) |May 26th, 2015|

Chapter 1

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Never Let...
by foxybabee