The crossing of the...
By Cake_Panda
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  • fantasy
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"Where am I?" Katy had just passed through a portal. But all that Katy saw was a big and shinny diamond. She couldn't help herself. She had emerged into a room filled with light and swirly colors. "You are in the crossing of the paths. You are here to meet your destiny." "What are you talking about?" "You will soon find out little one, very soon." "Where am I?" Cally just walked through a portal that led her to where dimensions pass through one another. But the only thing Cally saw was a giant soccer ball. "You are here to meet your long lost sister." "Who are you?" "You will soon find out" "I don't even have a sister, and if I did, my parents would have told me." "Ah, and that is one of the many things your parents did to protect you" "Protect me from what?" There was no response. Then Katy stepped out from a corner into the light. The twins found themselves facing each other, it was almost like looking at their own reflection.


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The cross...
by Cake_Panda