Black Label (Urban...
By malakeyegod
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Example of early work. Will not be completed since the plot was changed to and organized for a larger series. "Politics, the very means we live by."- Tomas Ford. The world is has never been a simple place, especially for those who live in it. Eric Alean is not the exception to this. He's the adoptive son of two locally famous tax assessors who love very much, a massive nerd with next to no social life, has never had a girl friend, but at least gets decent grades. The only major issue for Eric is that at almost random times, he becomes a 'human magnet' that attracts complete strangers to his side. All Eric wanted to do was continue working as a helper at his parent's tax company, but life never goes so easy. Eventually, he had to go to college. The college town is more than a little weird. Strange events almost seem normal and the people living there are even stranger. It seems that Eric can never get a break. That's especially true when a weird girl appears and only seems to care about one thing: killing Eric! ... From the creator of Just Another Anti-hero comes a Urban-Fantasy epic that will leave you wanting more. Currently looking for a cover maker to replace the bad homemade one I made using Microsoft Editor.

Prologue- The long Beginning

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Black Lab...
by malakeyegod