Far from home (Gho...
By Queenreading
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All characters belong to C.L stone. Academy fanfic. Sang is taken in my her uncle (her mothers half brother) after both her parents die in a car crash when she is 13 years old. Sang has spent the first 13 years of her life in outback Queensland, Australia. Growing up on a cattle station, she had never been to school or played with kids her own age. Well she's never played with kids at all. The only time she was around people other then her family and the station hands, was the once a month, 4 hour drive to the closest town shopping trip to buy food with her mother. After her parents death an uncle she never knew about shows up, and becomes her guardian. Selling her home and everything she's ever known. He takes her with him to America. 3 years later they move to Sunnyvale court, Charleston. This is where her real life begins thanks to 9 amazing boys. *not for the faint of heart. Contains sexual abuse and violence*

Ch 1 New town

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Far from...
by Queenreading