Caged (BoyXBoy)
By Forget_Me_Naught
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Eighteen year old Maple leads an extremely sheltered life in the company of his ever-elusive mother ever since his parents’ messy divorce when he was an infant. Maple is left alone, trapped, in his mother’s mansion after she is killed in a plane wreck. Having never been allowed outdoors, Maple fears leaving the place he grew up. Maple’s father, Calvin, is immediately notified of his wife’s death. He returns to meet Maple for the first time in sixteen years, and let’s just say what Calvin finds surprises him. (Incest Warning!) Used to be called "Forever Alone" from my banned short story collection, "Daddy Knows Best." Pleas note, this is a boyxboy story. If you don't like the genre, please don't read it. Hate comments are not appreciated.

Caged: Chapter 1

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Caged (Bo...
by Forget_Me_Naught