Intertwinned Souls...
By ChxinedAlice
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BOOK 2 OF THE TRILOGY, SECRET GARDEN Ryo and Akari are now 16 and are in high school now. Ryo is the ever so popular kid, while Akari is stuck at the bottom, alone. She gets made fun of in school and does everything alone. Her three childhood friends are all popular, living But ever since Akari got that strange dream, she has been acting weird, she goes out at night and in the next morning there are reports of murders. The witnesses said that the murderer had brown hair. The student body suspects it is Akari. But is it really her fault? Someone lives and someone dies. Let's play this game, shall we? -??? Book 1: Because of Love Book 2: Intertwinned Souls Book 3: Waiting For You All characters except OCs belong to Guilty Crown, an anime which inspired this storyline. ChxinedAlice does not claim any songs, pictures, videos or any media as her own. To those who have not watched Guilty Crown, it is advised that you watch it before reading this if you do not want spoilers

Intertwinned Souls

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by ChxinedAlice