All I Ever Wanted W...
By AmbroseGirl234
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This is a Dean Ambrose and AJ Lee story. AJ Lee known worldwide for being the crazy diva, black widow, and the girl no guy wants. The only thing she truly has is her divas title. Every body ended up hurting her. Her friends who she thought she could trust, were so fake....her friend Nikki who stole her title, a girl she always considered like a sister Brie who took her position as one of the top wwe divas along side Nikki, and then there was her best friend out of all three Paige who stole her boyfriend. Her life couldn't get any more screwed right....wrong. When she finds out she pregnant and tells her boyfriend, things only go from bad to worse.He didn't always hate her,no he loved her at one time....until the day she came up on the main roster. With no help from her family because they hate the father, her friends betrayal, her boyfriends deciet, she's left with no other choice. "All I ever wanted was you." she says to him with tears in her eyes before..... ~Prologue in book, before chapter 1. **Cover By: illaha46


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All I Eve...
by AmbroseGirl234