Demigods at Goode
By books_owls_song
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I just really want to write one of these. PERCY hates school without Annabeth. He is amazingly the most popular at school but no one believes he has a girlfriend. Than she shows up...! ANNABETH really misses Percy once the giant war is over and he went to Goode. JASON doesn't want to go to high school. He had never been! PIPER is looking forward to spending the whole year with her boyfriend. But what if he doesn't look forward to being with her.. FRANK is really nervous. He hasn't been to school seance his mom died. HAZEL wonders if she will fit in. Will she get bullied like she did before she died? LEO wants to know if this school will be anything like all his others. CALYPSO is ready for the mortal experience. Will she get picked on? All rights go to Rick Riordan except for the idea and the people's at school.

We're going to Goode?

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by books_owls_song