Dear Diary of Mine...
By LovelyLolaa
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Not a story. This is actually my on-line diary. Come along and read the tales of my past. Laugh if you want, get bored if you want. Just, do what you want. Think, read, well, just be glad you're not me. Well, this better be good. Well, don't actually plan on writing more, but here you can read a bit about me when I was about thirteen and fourteen years old, and even some things when I was fifteen. Don't write anything on the web anymore, seeing as though I've come across new drama, and well, my little mouth has some words not appropriate for others to see. Anyways, I've slightly changed, though, I still look like I'm eleven. And I'm fifteen at the moment. I might actually do a different diary segment. Called "Here's something else, Diary", yup, might start it when I turn sixteen on September.OR next year, yeah that sounds good. (:

Dear Diary of Mine... [My public Diary] December 17, 2009

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Dear Diar...
by LovelyLolaa