Hayden [Under MAJO...
By ThatIntrovert
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#23 in Vampire [02.05.2016] Sick of the stories and superstitions of her hometown, Anne decides to put an end to them once and for all. With a midnight trip to Greenbay's Cemetery, and the reading of a spell, she proves herself right. Or so she thinks. When she meets a man claiming to be a vampire, the myth starts to seem a little less crazy. Faced with death, she strikes up a deal. A deal that he intends to hold her to, for better, or worse. *~* "Though we-I, am called a variety of names, not necessarily flattering," his eyes flickered, "I prefer to be called a-" "Vampire," I breathed out. He slightly tilted his head to one side, raising an eyebrow. "You're smart," he commented, and took a step towards me. "And stubborn," he continued in that deep voice of his, taking another step, bringing himself just a foot away from me. "And in danger," he finished, closing the distance between us. *~* Gorgeous cover by @atmosphere-

One: Just a Myth

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Hayden [U...
by ThatIntrovert