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Sept 24/2016 Update! The sequel to Arrangement with a Billionaire will be started in November 2016. I will post the cover first, when I get it, and by the end of November I should have the first chapters to post from The Billionaire Fantasy :D If you want to support me and my work, please consider dropping by Patreon and adding a buck or two to the monthly tip jar. Patrons get access to monthly rewards and prizes not available anywhere else. And Arturo and Isla might be popping over there in the next couple of days for a fun Q&A session ;) Edited Ebook is now available on Amazon and in Print! Isla King grew up wealthy, but not as wealthy as Billionaire playboy Arturo Calendri. The family company was being taken over by Arturo's greedy father, but he's in prison now, and she's in Arturo's high rise office to beg for some mercy now that he's the one in charge and running Calendri Corp. When face to face with him, however, he reminds her of one tiny little detail that she might've forgotten. That time she told him to fuck off when he hit on her in her family's boutique. She'd forgotten all about that, and hadn't recognized him back then! How was she to know? But Arturo is holding all the cards and very happy about it, and if Isla wants the family business back, she's going to have to agree to a little arrangement. Spend four weeks with him in his lonely mansion, and yes, sex is involved, or go home with nothing. ***Sign up for my email list at and I'll send you my Starter Library for Free. The Vampire's Curse, Burns Like Fire, and Sold To the Enemy! (Copy and paste the link into your browser)*** #Wattys2015


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