Guardian Angel?
By Peekaboob24
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This story is of a girl, Becca Menzel, who is an orphan. After he parents died when she was 5 she was left with her adopted older brother. Not much older than her, Hunter, the brother, watched after her for at least one more year. They became thieves and little juvenile delinquents, well, up until her brother dies. Hunter had been caught on a chase and strangled to death. Left alone, Becca now lives on her own in her large apartment building, which is being paid by her mysterious man who refers to himself as her "Guardian Angel". Before Hunter had died, he entrusted Becca with the "Angel" claiming to be one of his friends. With that kind of trust, she believes and until this day she continues to text them as if they were the closest of friends. But will Becca ever meet her mysterious Guardian Angel? And will she be able to fully trust him after she finds out his identity? Read more please to find out what happens. And comment when you've finished. Even if it's a hate comment. I'll take what I can get. Thank you and if you like this story, I have some more you can check out. Of course they're all romances btw. P.S. I know the cover picture is of Van Fanel, but it's not a fanfiction. I just used that picture because he had angel wings.

Chapter 1

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by Peekaboob24