The Weak And Helple...
By Shizuko-Chan
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Yona of the Dawn Fanfiction. (WARNING ADHD AND DYSLEXIC DON'T MIX SPELLING ERRORS WILL BE THERE! PLEASE KINDLY POINT THEM OUT AND I'LL FIX IT THANKS!) May, a young weak girl, who has a unique pass and a even more unique heart. With no home or family she runs into Yona the princess of the kingdoms. Yona had recently according to rumors May had heard, been forced out of the castle when her father, the king, died. How he died only Yona and the retired general of the wind tribe, Hak knows. Who has been Yona's personal body guard and childhood friend for years. May, ends up joining them in their journey to find the four dragon warriors from the kingdoms creation myth. On the way there, their small group quickly becomes bigger and bigger turning into one big family in May's eyes. But the four dragons that have become like brothers to May are only lending their powers to Yona, who's like a sister to her. May, begins to fear that once this dream ends she'll be left alone again. Losing her second chance at a family. Read as May tries to deal with once lost emotions and goes through heart stopping moments where her heart and soul are put on the line and her loyalty is put to the true test. Will this little, weak girl show her true strength or allow her new life with her new family to slip through her fingers just like last time? __________________________________ I do not own Yona Of The Dawn or any of the characters that appear in the anime or manga. I only own my OCs! The videos and pictures featured in my chapters do not belong to me!

The Two Strangers

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The Weak...
by Shizuko-Chan