Unbreakable - A Bea...
By maxandlizbeliever
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I saw him right before Max did. When he did, his gasped "Fuck" magnified the jump of fear made by my body when I found myself standing merely two feet from an alien. His large bottomless black eyes were staring emptily into mine and I could see the blood vessels pulsate across his large conical-shaped brain. The groves along the sides of his face were as dark as his eyes, the edges moving rhythmically like the gills of a fish. There was no mouth where his thin lips had previously been. Instead there were two parallell lines going vertically up his chin, with holes going straight into the lower part of his face. He was no longer hiding behind his human face, but there was no mistaking who was standing motionless in front of us. There was no mistaking the darkness around his body. And right now he was trying to dig into our connection by staring at us. It could be likened to someone pushing a screwdriver into your brain through your eye. I fell backwards a step, Max's grip on my hand tightening while I simultaneously saw the shimmering field separating us from Command thicken. Command's plan was a simple, but excellent, one. I hated the sight of him, still I couldn't take my eyes off him. Those empty eyes positioned in that thick reptilian-like skinned face with those flapping breathing holes made me wish I had never been born. I wouldn't give up. I would fight until the end. But I would be lying to myself if I didn't admit that I was scared out of my wits. *************************** UNBREAKABLE - A BEAUTIFUL LIE is the tale of lost civilizations, aliens, hybrids, secrets and the forced bridge between two worlds. But mostly, it's about love. The forbidden love between a hybrid boy and a human girl. Author's Note: The characters are based on the characters from the TV-show "Roswell". This story does not follow the original outline/plot of the show, but still focuses on occult topics.


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by maxandlizbeliever